Life's a beach

Paul had Monday off, so we decided to pack up and head to the beach with the Olssons. We left home at 8:44 (only forty-four minutes later than anticipated) and headed to Nels and Maura's for breakfast. We feasted on eggs, waffles with strawberries and cream and cinnamon rolls. We got to the beach just in time for lunch, so we stuffed ourselves with chips and guacamole, watermelon, cherries, and chicken. It was one before we finally hit the sand. Or rather the sand hit us. It was a beautiful day! The wind was pretty incredible, as it often is on the Oregon coast, but the kids didn't seem to care. With kites, buckets, sand and "beach water" to keep them delighted, we actually had to drag their little blue bodies away. After our stint on the sand, we headed for ice cream at the bay front in Newport and had a lovely walk. At last, we loaded our exhausted, sand filled family into the van and headed home (via the outlets so I could get a belt).

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Alysun said...

Ah, the Oregon Coast wind. Glad you had a good day!

Drew & Jess Reber said...

I knew it was an really the Oregon coast by the wind blown look :)

Meghan said...

Hey Lunde's are you guys busy? Seems like the posts are coming slower now.