3 Month Update

Nathaniel turned 3 months on Wednesday. Here's an excerpt from his Photo Shoot with Aunt Snook at Paradise Photography. Nathaniel is doing great--since I stopped eating dairy. I dislike going without ice cream, milk, yogurt, butter, chocolate, cookies, etc, but the dairy free diet is working wonders on my weight loss. According to the bathroom scale, he weighs about 14 pounds, and together we weigh less than I did at the end of my pregnancy. So since he's the most ridiculously happy baby ever, and I'm another size down in my jeans, I guess we'll make it work as long as we need to.
In other news, it's too soon to start bragging, but he's slept all night (from 8-7:30) two nights in a row now. I'm ready to nominate Gary Ezzo (of Baby Wise fame) for sainthood. Though I love the principals in his book, there are times I have to employ deep breathing techniques to avoid Baby Wise conditioned panic: 1. If the baby goes longer than three hours between feedings during the day--even though he's sleeping and just fine... 2. If the sweet little girl at church who loves babies more than anything rocks him to sleep even though it's awake time... 3. If he wakes up early from a nap (what do I do?! what do I do?!) But I can deal with the neurosis on a full night's sleep.
We borrowed our friend Lucy's Bumbo seat, and Nathaniel's getting really good at sitting up in it. His head is still pretty wobbly, so we don't leave him in long, but it's good practice. Yesterday Benton read him "Three stories. I read Mowglie and Monkey George the Movies and all the Dalmatians." (Stay tuned for a feature on my Book Worm).
PS Let me know if you need a picture for your fridge!


Meghan said...

Sign me up for a Fridge picture.

Katie has been doing a lot of Baby Wise Panic talk too. I am so glad it seems to work. I was never gutsy enough to stick to it.

Tawny said...

I can't wait to see you and your kids tomorrow!