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I went back through my pictures and found some memories that didn't get blogged. This all happened in June. Picure 1: Our friend Sandra's parents (Benny and Andreana) were visiting her and her husband Joe in Tacoma from Malta. We stopped over for some food and a visit. Joe, Benny and Paul manning the BBQ--we had swardfish, salmon and London broil, Potatoes, corn on the cob... So good! #2 Sandra entertains Nathaniel. #3 Benton entertains Andreana. #4 Since we were in the area, we had some fun at Black Lake. Benton throwing rocks in the water. #5 Paul, Benton and Grandpa Tom hanging out lakeside. #6 Benton explores the playground. #7 We celebrated Grandpa Lunde and Uncle Joel's birthdays and Father's Day at Red Robin. #8 Nat soaks up a little liquid sunshine. #9 BBQing again. I'm not sure why this one is on here twice...
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