Computer Woes

Near the end of School Year 2003, I discovered I needed more classes than I could take in order to graduate on time. I couldn't take summer classes either because I was going to be gallivanting across Europe for six weeks with my Beloved and and assortment of other travelers. Enter my brilliant idea to sweet talk one of my professors into letting me take an independent study travel writing course. I chose the books, set the number of assignments, and decided I absolutely must have a laptop for the excursion. We (and by we I mean Paul, as usual) lugged that thing through London, Paris, Rome, Malta, and most points in between.
Now, four years later, that's like 90 in computer years, it has officially given up the ghost. Crashed. Gone kaput. Along with a novel, four years worth of photos, and one or two other sort of important items. (The novel is also on a disk, lest any of you need smelling salts). We will probably, and I say probably to avoid considering a different scenario, be able to recover the hard drive. It will cost somewhere between $15 and $150 to try, but well worth it--if it works. Meanwhile, as much as I'd like to consider the immediate purchase of a new computer an emergency, I fear Dave Ramsey would beg to differ, so we will "save for big purchases." Until then, I will be blogging from upstairs, which is code for less frequently. Our $15 option will be arriving in three business days, and I promise to keep you updated.
In other news, the day before it crashed, I added a snazzy new slide show feature. What do you think?


Grandma Sherri said...

Please tell me the photos were backed up too!!?
I think the slide show is great it doesnt seem to slow down the rest of the display on my dial up, just takes its own sweet time moving to the next picture in the show. What a darling wind blown happy family. So very sad about your computer woes, sure admire you sticking to your financial decisions.

c or b said...

ooooh! i am FEELING your pain! i have great memories of your wee europe-traversin' computer. fi, fi on this shifty technology that makes us so addicted and feeling all comfy/cozy and then leaves us FLAT! i hope the $15 option pans out...
much love.