Red Like Muck

Our little builder is growing up. We used our free 8x10 coupon at Picture People for a photo shoot yesturday. Benton, ever the ham in front of a camera and stangers had a grand time turning on the charm. This was the one I walked away with, though it hurt a little leaving the other 12 poses for the shredder.
Let me know if you want to see the rest and I will email you a link.
Long about Soren's birthday (in August), I asked Benton what he wanted on his birthday cake. He said "Red like Muck." Muck is a digger/dumper and is one of Bob the Builder's crew. I wasn't going anywhere near red frosting, so here is what I came up with:

I am not one to go overboard when presented with a theme--OK, so I am. I got red plates, red cups and red napkins, put red m&ms on the cupcakes, and yes, those are Red Vines in the vase the red balloons are tied to.
I can safely say, Benton enjoyed his "red like Muck" cake, and in looking at this picture more closely, it was nice of his red eye to cooperate with the theme. Oh, and to celebrate tonight we are going to Red Robin (where e-club members get a free burger on their birthday!)


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Benton!!
Vance, Alicia, and Karis

Grandma Sherri said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ben! We will continue the celebration in a few days!!
Of course I want a link to the rest of the pics!

Marci said...

Looks like Benton got a "High and Tight" haircut like Cousin Drew's. (See Drew's Journey's for his hilarious description of his latest haircut!) By the by, Happy Birthday Ben! Love your photo choice and yes I would love the link to the other pictures. Aunt Marci

pennyf said...

How cute! Happy 3rd birthday Benton! =)