Hugs from Benton

Scene: A few weeks ago, Paul's dad had a stroke. Paul, needless to say was a little upset and distracted. (Graham is recovering very well, by the way). The following conversation occurred at the dinner table while Grampa Lunde was in the hospital.
B: Grampa is in the hospital?
P: Yes.
B: Does that make you sad?
P: Yes, it makes me sad.
B: I know what you need!
P: What's that, Benton.
B: A hug!! (insert ridiculously touching hug here) Is that all better? (insert mother furiously scribbling previous conversation on napkin here).

Scene: This morning while Benton was getting dressed.
A: All done. Give me a hug. (insert wimpy hug here). Come on. I want a big bear hug. (Insert "big bear hug" here).
B: I'm gonna give you a big lion hug!
A: What is a big lion hug?
B: Like this. (Arms wrapped around my neck and...) ROAR!
A: I loved that lion hug!
B: Now I'm gonna give you a big giraffe hug!
A: What is a big giraffe hug like?
(Arms wrap around my neck and...)
B: That was very tall!

I love Benton hugs!


pennyf said...

very sweet..I'm glad Paul's Dad is doing well!

Meghan said...

Doesn't everyone love Benton's Hugs?