More from NW Kids Club:

The babies playing around: Karis, Joey, Keiton and Nathaniel

Our boy in the middle: Christian

The three-year olds on the bikes: Benton, Soren, Rachael and Nika


SweetRowles said...

Fantastic Pictures!

Meghan said...

Those are great pictures. Poor loney christian.

I didn't know you guys did join. I don't think my Hubbie will be presuaded.

Kari Wright said...

I am soooo jealous of this. We have NOTHING like this! enjoy enjoy enjoy!! (although we do have lots of tractors to climb on?....oh...and lots and lots of snow and MUD right now...almost a foot last night! I had to use the truck to get to work this morning...not exactly my favorite thing, I don't use it enough and I couldn't even turn off the annoying radio without swerving off the snow covered road...ughhhhh!)