Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Get in Trouble Too

One of the million things I love about my eldest son is his brilliant (in my unbiased opinion) imagination. He is currently entertaining us with his monkey phase. Pictured here you see#1 Monkey, Benton. Monkey George (also known as Curious George. A gift from cousin Lisa for Christmas last year), Timsens (a "giant grizzly monkey" from Uncle Joel and Aunt Lisa for Christmas this year. He came up with both name and description completely on his own), Bongo (the Build-a-Bear he picked out--named by Aunt Lisa), and finally Jeff (recieved from Grandma Lunde and named by Ben. "What do you want to name your monkey?" I asked. Breplied thoughtfully, "something like Monkey George. J J J," he said carefully sounding out the first sound in George. "Jeff! Monkey Jeff!" Maybe it's Geoff. Or maybe it's Jorge. I don't know).


Alysun said...

True brilliance. He is very imaginative!

Grandma Sherri said...

I Love it! Timsens is actually a very unique and nice name, and I'm sure he meant Geoff, its got class, and he wouldn't want to confuse his monkey with his uncle!

Marci said...

WARNING! That phase could turn to obsession! Josiah and his "Ape" still do all sorts of abominable things! Aunt Marci