Baby Irony 101

1. Baby will be happy and content while naked. The moment you put baby in something sweet and clean, baby will ralph all over whatever is sweet and clean--including the mama.
2. Baby will have a growth spurt the moment you buy a new outfit--especially if you justified spending a little too much on a baby outfit because baby can wear it all season long.
3. Baby will go weeks--months even--without having a blowout until you are somewhere far from the comforts of home and are missing wipes and/or a diaper and/or a change of clothes. Then baby will poop all over everything within a 5 foot radius.
4. Baby will say charming things like "da-da" and "ma-ma" unless there are witnesses in which case baby becomes mute.
5. Baby will a) sleep through the night until you spend the night somewhere other than home. Then baby will spend the night in hysterics OR b) Baby will wake up every three hours at night until you take a "night off" and allow husband/mom the privilege of midnight tendings. Then the baby will sleep for 12 blissful hours (only to return to waking every three once you are back on duty).


Alysun said...

You get an A+ in "Baby Ironies 101". I am currently taking "Learning Photoshop with 15 million Interruptions." It is a challenging course, but I'm getting a lot out of it.

Kari Wright said...

I LOVE this, they are so true! We have been to Goodwill a few times to accommodate the unexpected blowout, only to be asked no less than five times upon entering, "where's that child's pants?" I could hardly contain my laughter, why else do they think we are there in the children's section? buying socks, I suppose.

Kelly said...

So true! The poop one haunts me.