I Love Craigslist!

As Nathaniel is growing out of "baby things" left and right, we decided it was time to sell a few things. We got rid of the glider rocker, the swing, bouncy seat and several other things, and traded them in on a few more sophisticated items like the outside swing (which lists badly to portside, but can be fixed) and the Leapfrog Table. I'm not sure who likes it more, Nat or his big brother. Meanwhile, if you need any Kirkland Infant Formula or a Moses Basket, they're still for sale!


Alysun said...

Very cool finds. I think you have more luck with CL living in the city. People must be frightened away by our "Monmouth" town because they don't want my stuff.
If you come across an excersaucer, buy it! I am desperate for something for Mandy to play in that she can't shove the toys away and her sister can't vault her out of (Jolly Jump Up).

Kari Wright said...

We are getting ready for a garage sale in 2 weeks and I am madly scrounging every bit of baby stuff out of every room, closet, shelf, and cranny. I have given and given away, and yet, there is much more to sell! ughh!! The bassinet and swing are quietly hiding in the attic, hoping to not be found...baby #2 is over 3 years old, was I really saving these things for grandkids????