The World According to Benton (revised)

"Puppy" has long been a companion of Benton's. She (Evelyn the elephant is a he) had been missing for a few weeks, and many tears were shed. The other morning, Paul discovered her hiding behind the stereo and snuck him into Benton's bed. Since that time, Puppy has started talking. For example: when she and Benton get up in the morning, she requires a kiss, for which she very politely says, "Thank you, Andrea" (in Benton's highest, squeekiest voice). Yesterday, Benton came out for breakfast, with Puppy, of course. The following conversation occurred:
B: Can Puppy have a bite of your cereal?
A: No.
B: Why not?
A: Because Puppy is a stuffed animal and doesn't have a stomach.
B: (Looking at me as though I just fell off the turnip truck) But she talks.

This afternoon, for lack of anything better on TV, we were watching the Celtic Women on PBS.
B: Is this a parents show?
A: Yes.
B: I want to watch a kids show.
A: Nah. This is fine. Listen to them sing, Benton. Isn't it pretty?
B: Watches quietly for about 13 seconds. Oh, Mommy! You and Aunt Snook are so pretty when you sing on TV!

Last night, we were sitting at a railroad crossing waiting for a train.
A: Look! Ben, a train!
B: Oh! But why?
A: Because the trains go by here on the way from one place to another.
B: Why?
A: Because it is an effective means of transportation.
B: Why?
A: Well, the exact reasons escape me at the moment. I'll have to do some internet research and get back to you. I assume, however that rail traffic will increase with gas prices skyrocketing the way they are.
B: Oh...... Why?
A: There are differing schools of thought on that one. The prevailing one in the media being Big Oil is out to conquer the world. But the point is, we have to wait for the train to pass before we can get to Soren's house.
B: Oh! Where is Soren's house?
A: Up here and to the left.
B: But why?
A: Why not? Ben, when are you going to outgrow this "why" stage?
PAUL: What? (hehehe)
B: (Pauses) Ummm.... I think probably when I am about five years old.


Cathy said...

Too cute!

Alysun said...

Oh, he is a character. Answering all the "why" questions makes think more than I care to admit.
Emma answers EVERY question with "cause why" these days. It is obnoxious. Yesterday she switched the words around and added a head wiggle. I thought I was talking to a ditsy 15 year old. "Why cause, mom."
I may need to head on over to my own blog and write about this.