I suppose you've been wondering where we have been. Well, we've been right here. Both boys are sick with different illnesses. What joy! When they're done, they can give eachother the sickness they haven't had yet! Nathaniel's is marked by crazy fevers--up and down all day long, a horrible cough, and snot ev-er-y-where. He's also crabby and no wild about eating. Benton has been exhausted for the last few days. Enough that I was starting to worry about him since he had no other symptoms. He finally threw up Monday night at "the praying church" and fell asleep in Daddy's lap at 7pm (and slept though Dave Ramsey and an ice cream potluck). Today has been more of the super tired stuff. He took a nice long nap this morning and then again this afternoon. He woke up from his afternoon one long enough to say "it hurts in my body all over the place." I got him some Tylenol and he went right back to sleep.You'd think with such sleepy kids on my hands I'd have time to do something like blog. Instead I find myself taking temperatures, stocking up on juice and crackers, making an "extra special bed" in the living room, wiping noses, trying to guess which one will eat and what, cleaning up juice spills, giving breathing treatments to the baby (abuterol), changing diapers, and oh yeah. I was supposed to make dinner... As of now, Paul and I are healthy. Hopefully it will stay that way as P is leaving town on business Thursday morning. Whew! I need a nap after that blog. Maybe next week.
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Kari Wright said...

ahh...my condolences. We too were struck about a month ago..maybe you saw the stack of meds on the blog? That coughing thing sounds like the flu this entire community had...nothing to laugh at! I'll be praying for a speedy recovery, go rest super mom!

Cathy said...


Aly said...

It is 40,000 times more work when the kids are sick. STAY HEALTHY because I know from experience, when you get the ickiness, no one will be making you a special bed in the living room.

GOOD JOB!!!! I pray you healthy boys by morning.

Aly said...

OK. You' ve had your sick days... we want some pictures!!!!