This week, we have been doing school. I am not terribly organized (who am I kidding. I'm not organized at all). If I took the time to develop a lesson plan or acquire special craft projects, "school" would never get done. Instead, I have been making stuff up. We start out by reading a couple verses from Proverbs (brainwash 'em early). Then we do something having to do with letters: tracing, sounding out, or reading stories. Next comes numbers: counting money or Curious George computer games. Finally we do something crafty to exercise motor skills: cutting, gluing, or matching. Generally the craft involves a certain amount of thinking. For Helping Hands he had to think of things he can do to help (getting Nathaniel his Binky was my favorite). For Shapes he had to match the "puzzle piece" and name it, of course. We've also played checkers and made bread. I've tried planning in the past, but it hasn't lasted more than a day or two. For now, this is working. Benton and I both love it. We get to bond, and I feel like he's actually learning something. The whole process lasts about half an hour. In the future, I plan on stealing ideas from my friend Kari and a great link on her blog called Unplug Your Kids.
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Aly said...

Great ideas. The best home school mom's I know aren't terribly organized, they just invest in their children's lives with their times.

Recently, I had Emma trace the letters in her name with glue and then put ribbons on the glue where the lines are. It was great practice, she got to put her fingers in glue, and it was pretty when it was all done.

Kari Wright said...

It is sooo much fun to invest in them!

Meghan said...

Good for you. We were really good about doing school for a while. It was hard for me to keep Nika doing it when she was frustrated. That could just be her personality (mine too, I guess). I guess it is just best to take it a day at a time.