9 years...


We celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday. It doesn't seem like it's been that long since prince charming swept me off my feet, but at the same time, it's like we've always been together--like life didn't start until we fell in love. The day didn't exactly go as planned, what with the baby with the mutant rash. I spent a good part of the day at the doctor's office with him being examined and examined again. It turns out, he has two rashes. One is an allergy to the antibiotics he was on for the ear infection, the other is viral in nature, most likely aggravated by the medicine. There is also the possibility of a "yeast issue" involving his diaper area--likely because the antibiotics eradicate all the good bacteria that keep yeast infections at bay. Also there were a couple of bumps that didn't fit any of these diagnosis. Fun! Since he has now "shown a tendency" for allergies to medicines, no drugs for the baby. Benadril "if you have to to make him comfortable," but other than that, nothing. His ear infection is still healing, so as long as he doesn't get a fever and the rash doesn't start weeping, we have a follow up on Monday to re-visit the ear issue. We had a baby sitter lined up, but it just didn't seem fair to abandon mutant baby, so he got lots of kisses and hugs from Mom and Dad. We ended up at Izzy's with the kiddos where I relieved stress by eating too much pizza. We came home early and fell asleep during Last Comic Standing.

In commemoration of this event, I put together a list :
10 Ways to Know Your Life is a Fairy Tale
(becuse you can't always tell just by looking)

10. Prince Charming rides to your rescue in a mini van
9. Your daily challenges involve the care and feeding of trolls and goblins
8. Fairy dust comes from cracker crumbs
7. Prince Charming looks better to you in shorts and a t-shirt than all dressed up.
6. There is a fairy godmother, and her name is GRANDMA.
5. When you look into the mirror and ask "who's the fairest of them all?" you see yourself.
(The mirror doesn't lie).
4. You sleep with the fire breathing dragon--and he looks a lot like Prince Charming.
3. About the 7 Dwarfs. There are only two of them, but they magically switch between Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy and visits to the Doc.
2. Prince Charming rescues from things like yard work, laundry, and the occasional dressing of trolls.
1. It's not what you expected when you set out on the journey, but Happily Ever After describes it all pretty well.

*PS I love trolls and goblins--they are so cute!
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Aly said...

What a great post. I am sorry that Baby Nat is so disagreeable. Poor baby, poor Mommy, poor anniversary couple.

Love, love the top 10 reasons your life is a fairy tale. Very good -- and true.

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary to you!...I think anyone who is married with kids has had (or will have!) at least one anniversary spent with little sickies...but we love 'em that much more.