I need to take some pictures of my kids

They are still cute and charming, but the camera has been out of sight out of mind lately. I wished I had it when the six families from our Sunday Night Group threw a mega garage sale and when we all got together and played wii boxing (I KOed my man. I'm very proud. Now back to being submissive). It would have been great to have a mothers Day photo of me and the boys, all dressed and fed by their dad. I'd have liked to have taken a picture of the incredible amount of goo coming out of Nathaniel's ear when his ear infection made his poor baby ear drum perforate (I'll bet you're glad it wasn't handy). Benton planting seeds in the garden this morning would also have made a good photo op. OK, OK, I'll find the camera. Life's to short not to take too many pictures!


Aly said...

Gasp and horror!!! Your photographer sister is shocked and dismayed.

Grandma Sherri said...

It was the story of my life too, which I believe is the reason your sister is a photograper, its her way of making up for all the pictures of her youth and childhood that weren't taken, meanwhile in this digital age it would be nice if you would at least use your phone camera:)

Cathy said...

Shame, shame :-)....glad you have come to your senses! Yes, toddlers in overalls are THE cutest!