Silver Falls

We went on an adventure to Silver Falls with Christi and Keralee this morning. It was a beautiful day. Once upon a time we used to go for the hiking. The little ones complicate the hiking, so we enjoyed the drive and stuck pretty close to the playground.

Nathaniel playing monkey.

Benton loved the three slides. He also loves to play with Keralee. Mostly, I think, because she is smaller and he thinks he can get away with telling her what to do.
This seldom works, but he keeps trying!

Is it the overalls, the hat or just general cuteness? I don't know, but I can't get enough of this kid.
We decided it was time to move on when an enormous family (in every sense of the word) descended on our quiet. Before we departed, I did have the privilege of hearing perhaps the funniest words ever shouted at one's child in a public park (in a very ironic sense). They came from the lips of a large woman perched atop a picnic table, a cigarette clenched in her teeth. I'm going to write in in all caps so you will remember that she was shouting this in her smoker's rasp: TRAVIS, JUST PUT THE SUN SCREEN ON YOUR SISTER. CAN'T YOU SEE I'M SMOKING A CIGARETTE HERE, AND I'M ABOUT TO COOK.
An intriguing commentary on priorities.

We decided to meander the trails for a bit (Benton had a little trouble spelling that one). We happened upon this creature. It is a Coati Raccoon. Also called a hog-nosed raccoon, this animal is native to South America. This is Sam. When asked what they eat, his owner said, "Um, yeah. Just about everything." They are omnivores in their natural habitat, so I guess that about covers it. Keralee was fascinated, but stayed in the safety of her stroller while Benton ventured out.

Eventually we found the top of the falls. It was a neat perspective watching the water as it seemed to just drop off the edge of the earth.
Benton wanted to see more of the waterfall, but it was time to go.
It was a quiet ride home, but it didn't last once we got home. It was a nap free afternoon which makes for some crabby kids. On the positive side, it also makes for an early bedtime.
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Aly said...

Great pictures and commentary. I love your smoker shouts. I've often found myself shouting the very same thing -- OK not really. That was funny!

Made me want to go to Silver Falls again. So much fun.

pennyf said...

What a fun day! It's fun seeing pictures of you and Chirsti's kids playing together. Too cute!