My "old" youth pastor, Jim, and his beautiful wife, Penny, hosted a bit of a youth group reunion a few weeks ago. My cousin Jessi was in town from Virginia with her husband Drew who hasn't been out here for 2 years (I'd link to her blog, but she updates even less than I do). So Penny decided to get the old crew back together. It was so fun to see everyone again.

I'd lable us for you, but there's a lot of people in this picture. In addition to the 2 little ones in this picture, our little group here is responsible for 7 more offspring. Jim and Penny somehow got out of the picture.

Christi, Jessi, me and Melissa. "Just the four of us" were inseperable in highschool--mostly. I've known Christi and Jessi my whole life and Melissa since 5th grade.


Aly sun said...

The picture of the four of you turned out cute. Seems like just the other day you would walk home from school and bring your cool friends with you. You were so cool and still are in my book!

Marci said...

It's great to see the four of you together again. What a special reunion. Sure miss Jessi now that she's gone back home, but I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from her now that she's working on the house plan and needing our "expert" advise.