The Nathaniel/English Dictionary

Nathaniel can communicate quite well these days, but you have to know his language. This is another one of those things I never thought I'd do--become proficient at an obscure foreign language.

Naniel: Nathaniel
Baby: Nathaniel, Benton, any other small child
Mommy: That's me
BaBa: Daddy, grandma, grandpa
BaBo: brother or I want to do what he's doing
Ba: cup, bottle, drink, milk, water juice, liquid of any sort in any sort of container
Up: up, down, I don't want to be where I am
Bow: ball, grape
Woof, woof: any sort of animal that makes noise
Daddy: pacifier and/or blanket. Usually a reference to the combination.
Uh Oh: I dropped/threw something
Oh No: I dropped/threw something and I demand you pick it up immediately
Hi: Hi
Bye: Bye
Cackoo: Cracker, snack, food, feed me
Moe: (accompanied by sign language) more, cracker, snack, feed me
Eez: (accompanied by sign language) please, more, cracker, snack, feed me
Yeah, yeah, yeah: FEED ME!!!!
Tackoo: Thank you. Here is my dish, take it before it becomes an uh oh
Poop: poop. He thinks it's hillarious. So does his brother.

Goggie/woof woof: doggie
Gack/ow: cat/meow
Bup/caw caw: bird-this includes anything with wings (bird, chicken, duck, swan, bat...) They all say caw. Apparently he was told what a crow says in his early language building days.
Gow/moo: cow
Nee: horse
His default "sound" when asked what any animal says is to move his lips together like a fish.

He adds new stuff every day, and it's a challenge to keep on top of. I got a little spoiled with my firstborn, I think :)

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Kari Wright said...

When mom and dad would watch the kids, mom would call and let caiden tell me what he wanted and I would have to translate. Talk about being an expert in exotic languages! I still have to translate some, those blends are just a bit tough for the guy...sigh.