To Do List

Today I was supposed to:
  • clean my room (it is scarier than when I was a teenager)
  • do school with Benton
  • do the boy's laundry
  • sort through boy's clothes and get rid of what doesn't fit
  • call the window guy and order windows
  • make dinner

Instead I:
  • called my sister, but she wasn't home
  • shopped on e-bay
  • did school with Ben (two letter blends. We're hitting the big time now!)
  • whacked the life (what was left of it) out of my overgrown rose bushes
  • switched out a broken stone in the walk way
  • let the children play in the sprinkler. in their underwear/diaper. in the front yard.
  • cleaned the gutters
  • blogged.

I didn't get much of my list done, but we learned, we played, we soaked up the sun while we could, we prepared for the rainy season, and eventually we will eat. I'm feeling a little like Super Woman right now.

1 comment:

Tawny said...

I giggled so much at your comment!! Oh man it makes me sad that I am not closer to you so that I could have cutie Benton in my group. I will make it up to you soon, though. I can't read these blogs anymore thinking that I am missing out!!!