Vacation Week 2 Phase 1

To do Monday:

  • catch up on last week's mail and e-mail
  • have windows installed (7:30 am)
  • Run a load of laundry
  • pack for three days in eastern Oregon taking all weather possibilities into account (don't forget swim suits, running shoes, and the jeans in the dryer)
  • Clean the house real quick (again)
  • pay the window guys
  • Tea party with Grandma, 12:30pm
  • Pack enough food to feed an army for three days (even though we are only responsible for a breakfast and a dinner)
  • Pack the van, throw the children in the van with treats and activities within arm's reach to keep them occupied for two and a half hours
  • Get gas
  • Leave for relaxing vacation (3:00pm)

During week one of our vacation, our new windows arrived. We managed to get a hold of the guy who was going to install them, and he was able to squeeze us in Monday morning. He and another guy arrived at 7:30 am and had six windows in and cleaned up before noon. Here is a "during" picture, and here (drum roll please) is the after:So pretty!!!!!

Grandma Bonnie hosted a tea party for "the girls" at Deepwood also on Monday. It was fun getting together with everyone, having yummy food, and having the beautiful historic home all to ourselves.
Alysun, Mom, me, Grandma, Aunt Peggy, Aunt LaNea, Bobbi, Kaitlyn, and Lisa

Immediately after the tea party, we packed up and headed over to Eagle Crest with the Peters and the Ewerts.


Aly sun said...

Glad to see the update. The windows look really nice. Best wishes on your window treatment dilemma.

Cathy said...

I'm jealous! We need new windows so bad!

Cathy said...

What brand of windows did you end up getting?

Jenni said...

The windows look great! No more plastic covers then???