Vacation Week Two Phase Four

Ok, this is the last vacation post. We went to the zoo on our last day of crazy running around. I can't think of anything more fun than chasing after two kids who are completely delighted with everything they see.
Ravi Zacharias talks about how our sense of gratefulness is tied to our sense of wonder. The more we are in awe, the more grateful we are for what fills us with wonder. As adults, we are jaded to certain extent so we don't experience that genuine amazement when we see an elephant drinking water or a polar bear so close we could touch it if it weren't for the glass between us. It is just a zoo after all.
Until we see it through the eyes of our children. They were as fascinated by the falcon at close range as they were by the exhibit featuring a giant backhoe. Their awe was unabashed and manifested in open mouths, jumping, clapping, laughing, and asking a million questions. For the most part, I kept my mouth closed, my feet on the ground and my hands on the camera. Their joy was still contagious; their wonder, inspiring.
In the book of Job, a desperate man got the chance to ask God "Why?" and God's response was to make him wonder. Not wonder why but wonder how and wonder at what the Creator is capable of creating. When faced with the greatness of God, the need to know "Why" fades some. When you wonder at the God that made the giraffe's tongue black so it's wouldn't get sunburned on hot Savannah days, or designed every hair on a polar bear's body hollow so it will dry quickly, or gave the sea bird's body the technology to filter the salt out of the ocean water it drinks and expel it through little holes in it's beak, you start to think that maybe it's just possible that God might have an idea of a plan for you.
That was a ridiculous sentence from a grammatical perspective. Sorry. I got caught up in the wonder there for a moment. I hope you will look for opportunities to do the same.
God is big.
He is awesome.
And he loves you.
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Aly sun said...

I felt the same way as I pointed out fascinating things on our vacation. It wouldn't have been nearly as fun if I wasn't saying, "ooh, look at that!" and at the same time reminding myself how cool it all was.

Grandma Sherri said...

Thats the reason Grandkids are so fun, at our age its hard to find things new and exciting, unless you are seeing it again for the first time from the perspective of those little eyes... gotta have that pic of the boys on the bench and Nat behind the tree!!

Grandma Sherri said...

And... who cares about grammer, its a profound thought to ponder!

Cathy said...

Grandma Sherri is absolutely right!