The Lost Weeks

Someone said "Happy New Year" to me today, and I nodded and smiled and went on my
way before I realized, 2008 is over! Then I opened my blog and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but an elfin blog post from 11 days ago? Is that even possible? Wasn't I going to savor Christmas this year? What happened?
Then I plugged in my camera, and I found the 11 days documented right there in 277 pictures. Our days were filled with snow and ice and being published in the Statesman Journal opinion section and Mommy turning 29 (ish) and 3 Christmas celebrations and a Christmas program and two trips to the beach and one trip to the aquarium. We filled our bellies with egg nog and artichoke dip and sugar cookies and Beef Wellington and cheesecake and egg nog and sugar cookies. We filled our lives with travel and family and blessings. It went too fast.

Ben's Favorite Things about Christmas '08
1. Grandma and Grandpa (Lunde) and Grandma and Grandpa (Ewert)
2. Presents (Train set, Jungle animals and Kung Fu Panda)
3. Our cabin at the beach and Grandma Bonnie's cabin at the beach
4. The fish at the aquarium
5. Kung Fu Panda

Nat's Favorite Things about Christmas '08
1. The little compartment in the couch at the beach house for storage of binkies, sippy cups and himself
2. People who think he is funny
3. Skipping naps
4. Benton's train set
5. An entire stocking stuffed with fruit snacks

Mommy's Favorite Things about Christmas '08
1. My family--all of 'em.
2. Todd Agnew's Christmas CD. Astounding. A great way to bring a little more Christmas into the Holiday
3. Egg Nog ice cream from Cold Stone. Oh, the wonder! Oh the joy!
4. Ear rings that don't hurt my ears
5. Turquoise and red

Daddy's Favorite Things about Christmas '08
1. The look on Ben's face when he saw his bicycle
2. Being alive after a close call in the Van Duzer Corridor
3. A stellar performance in the Christmas drama (on stilts)
4. Friends and Family
5. The heaviest snowfall recorded in the last forty years

We had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to what 2009 has in store!
Happy New Year!
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Aly sun said...

Cute post. Loved the update.

Cathy said...

Love the Christmas collage. Christmas came and went too fast, especially with the unexpected snow thrown in there!