Every six weeks, Paul gets a three day weekend. For the past three months, he's had to work it, but this month, he actually got to take the days off. "Day off" is all relative when there are small children involved. Friday, we left straight from Bible study and headed north. We spent a couple of hours at the Oregon Zoo. We learned some interesting trivia, got a great view of the eagles, the boys pretended to be eaglets and we got to see the tiger out and about for the first time. It was super cold--the temperature out front claimed it was 40 degrees, but I don't buy it. The day was clear and beautiful though. Then it was on north to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

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After breakfast on Saturday, we headed to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. We get in free with our membership at the Oregon Zoo, so we figured we should get the most out of it. After a few false starts, we made it just before lunch time. The zoo in Seattle is way cooler than the one in Portland. The highlights were, for Nathaniel, the monkeys and the frogs. He cried when it was time to move on. Benton's favorites were, in his words, "all of them." Particularly fascinating this time were the snakes. If kids are good for one thing, they great for forcing you to get over your phobias. Yuck!!! We didn't manage to see it all in the three hours we were there, but what we saw was great.

At the end of the day, we took home two very tired passengers. We all slept very well once we made it back to Grandma and Grandpa's.


Jessi Reber said...

Wow, 2 zoo trips in one weekend? The Washington DC zoo leaves a LOT to be desired - which is surprising since it's a Smithsonian zoo, and they do the museums so well! Apparently they're better with fossils than live animals :)
So remember when the "Oregon Zoo" was the Washington Park Zoo? Showing my age I suppose!

Marci said...

You mean it's not the Washington Park Zoo any more?!!! We used to always go on the free Tuesday afternoons and take a sack lunch dinner and stay until closing. Haven't been for a while. But count on Jeremiah to get us all to go again soon. He'll always be a kid at heart! Josiah said you had a zoo pass. How do you go about getting one and how much are they?

Andee said...

The link in the sidebar will give you access to all the details. Our family pass was $94 for the family plus one guest per visit. We are totally getting out money's worth out of it. Our little excursion to Seattle would have cost us $30 without the pass. Instead it cost us $0. The Oregon zoo is now $2 on the second Tuesday of the month and they close at 5:30 except during Zoo Lights season. (Zoo Lights is included with your membership). I guess they changed the name when the zoo train stopped going to Washington Park. My advice is to skip the train unless its zoo lights then don't miss it!