Around Here

What's been going on in my world? Good question. If you ask about my computer, you will likely be answered by an inappropriate stream of expletives and few idyll threats. So let's not talk about that. (You might not want to ask why there are no pictures).
Instead, I will riddle you with stories of my charming little ones. This morning (while I was wrestling with the upstairs computer), Benton made me some imaginary oatmeal. He assembled it as though he was on a cooking show.
"First we need three eggs and a quarter." He then proceeded to count out the eggs complete with sound effects as he "cracked" them on the counter and "plopped" them in tho bowl.
"No we need a dozen of raindrops. Now we need some cinnamon. Then we need a little soil. Then what we do is we put it in the oven." More sound effects as he "clicks" the thermostat and "beeps" as he sets the timer. More beeps when it's done.
"Now we need to stir. Now we need some star sprinkles that are red, chocolate, red, blue and green and rainbow colors. Now we need to color it. What is your favorite color today, Mom?"
More sound effects. "Oil, oil. Now we stir it, and here is your oatmeal! I don't have a spoon, so use your pen and pretend, OK?"
It was awesome oatmeal.

Then there's Nathaniel. He will be sitting in his highchair, finished with his breakfast and getting antsy to get out and on with his day. I'll leave him in there while I unload the dishwasher or something else I don't want "help" with. He'll try climbing out (it won't work. I belt him in now), screeching (only earns him dirty looks), "Pees, mama? Up? Down? Pees?" (At which point I engage him in conversation. "You want out? Mama will get you out in one minute"). Then, "Hippomomus." Nathaniel's version of Hippopotamus is code for "I am too cute to ignore. Now come over here and get me out of my seat. I will endure your kisses if that's what it takes, just let me out." It works every time.

So that's life around here, parenthetical statements abounding. If you want to see pictures, try Facebook! Until next time!


Grandma Sherri said...

love the word pictures! So Ben has ben watching Rachel Ray now?
My favorite word of
Nathaniel's: "Rinothrus"
Sure hope you manage to resurrect those pics!

Aly sun said...

The oatmeal story was endearing. Besides the soil and extra oil, I bet the oatmeal would be quite yummy.