Making a Splash

Back before the act of stepping out of doors resembled stepping on the surface of the sun, we spent a day at the park. Nathaniel is a little monkey, keeping up with the big kids every step of the way. This park has an awesome splash pad, and the boys loved every minute of it!

Yesterday it got up to 107, and it's supposed to do the same today. We have the little AC in our room going full blast and the fan blowing cool air into the rest of the house. This method keeps the downstairs a cozy 80-85 degrees during the worst of it. Never have I been more thankful for new windows!
Maybe we'll hit the beach tomorrow.


Grandma Sherri said...

If I had looked here first I would have known why the boys were in long pants. They are such cute little monkeys

Aly sun said...

Why does 80 degrees feel cozy indoors in January and stifling in July? I was happy to keep my house below 85 degrees, sans air conditioner. That doesn't count upstairs which could bake a nice loaf a bread.

Cathy said...

I wish they had things like that when I was a kid! How fun!