Another Zoo Trip

This one was our first field trip now that we have officially started school around here. It was also the second day of school. The Predator's of the Serengeti exhibit opened for members only on Friday, so we were all over it. We packed our lunches and made it to the zoo by 9:30am. Parking was, well, a zoo. I'm pretty sure all of Oregon and Washington turned out for the event. We had fun anyway though. Before we left, we read a Bible Story (Daniel and the Lion's Den) and colored pictures of lions. On the way up, we talked about predators--animals that hunt other animals. Benton had a hard time with that one. "Why did God make some animals to kill and eat other parts of his creation?" Gulp. Anyone have a good, theologically sound, scientifically accurate answer for this one? A question as astute as that one deserves better than, "That's just the way God made it." I'll have to do a little more research. While we waited in line to get in, I gave each of the boys a lion trading card/fact sheet that I printed from here. They loved having something to hold--for a while. And if nothing else, I felt good about at least trying to teach them something. The lions and cheetah's were in hiding (can you blame them with that many people gawking at them?), so we cam home and watched this video. The boys didn't seem to notice the difference.

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Aly sun said...

You are such a good teacher!

As far as why God made animals predators, I would sing them the "Circle of Life" song. That should give all the answers, right?