Female Bonding

I had a hard time coming up with a title for this post: Rub-a-dub-tub, 3 women in a toilet didn't have the right ring to it. Dippy-dip-dank, 3 moms in a tank works a little better, but I wasn't sure where to go from there. The rest would have to involve honest toddlers, toy trucks, a toilet bowl, some canola oil, an out of town hubby, a cell phone, yarn, a paperclip, a coat hanger, and a Super Mom (well, 3 of them, but the superest mom is the one that finally succeeded).
Are you intrigued yet?
So my friend Meghan was watching the boys on Saturday so I could go to a baby shower. (The baby shower was fun, the baby was cute, the food was yummy). My children wanted nothing to do with me when I got there, so I visited with Meghan for a bit. Next thing you know, Nathaniel has a bloody nose (an aftershock of the one he got the day before). Once the bleeding stops, I say, "OK, now it's really time to go." I stop in for a quick trip to the restroom. I dispose of the bloody tissues from the nose fiasco and try to flush. Nothing. I try again. Nothing. The only thing in there is tissue! What have I done?! I have breaking toilets at other people's houses. I tried the plunger. No dice.
I called in Meghan for reinforcements. Maybe there is some sort of trick to it. At a different angle. I notice something red and plastic at the bottom. Meghan rescues a pickup truck from it's watery resting place. Maybe that was it. Nope. After some groping and digging, it became apparent that something else was in there. Wedged as snug as a truck in the throat of a toilet, there was no moving it. We dumped soap in the basin hoping to lubricate the wheels and get things moving. Nope. We tried vegetable oil next. Another failure. (I don't know about Meghan, but my skin felt so soft and supple the whole next day...). Meghan's husband is out of town, so we called mine and made a back up plan for him to do some plumbing after work. In the meantime, he gave us a couple of ideas. The string and paperclip scenario flopped. The coat hanger wasn't working either until Meghan's mom rode in to save the day. Just as we were about to call it quits and wait for 6:30, out rolled pickup number two. (I'm sorry. I just could not resist that one).
I asked Nathaniel if he put anything in the toilet. His reply: "I put a car in there. Then another one." At least he was honest. Christian's answer was similar. Hard tellin' who instigated the event. As Meghan and I were arguing over whose fault it was (I claimed it was mine since it was my kid. She thought it was hers because she hadn't supervised well enough), her mom reminded us that these things happen. I just want to know why they happen so often?! Meanwhile, Meghan and I got in a very unique bonding time for an hour or so in her bathroom. Almost worth it :)


Cathy said...

Oh yeah...what will tomorrow bring?!

Grandma Sherri said...

Do boys ever stop clogging toilets? From my perspective it seems not- better teach them to use the plunger young. Hopefully they learned cars and trucks don't work there.