Nathaniel's First Staples (x5)

When a baby breaks, he needs his mom. Even when Daddy is the one holding him and carefully examining the owie, "Mommy" is the name escaping with each whimper. Even though the doctor is the one who staples him up, Mommy is the only one he has eyes for. The nurse may give him stickers, but Mommy is the only one who can make it all better. Mommy is the one who will sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 100 times (in front of witnesses). Mommy is the one who gets the blood stains on her clothes. The responsibility is at once wonderful and terrible. Nathaniel is just fine by the light of day. Still laughing, climbing, rabble rousing, etc. I'm relieved, humbled, privileged, blessed.


Aly sun said...

Glad he is okay. Nothing stops that Nano.

Cathy said...

Yikes, what happened! Good job, mommy...referring to the comfort thing...not insinuating that you had anything to do with it! :-)