Blog Plug

My friend Chanda is on a mission to save little girls in Cambodia and you can help just by leaving a comment!

Here's the Mission: "Starting November 1, 2009 I am forgoing my four-latte-a-week habit. Every dollar I save will go to help little girls in Cambodia. Check back every Friday for an update."

Here's what you can do to help: "I've been blogging about my attempt to raise money for Cambodian children caught in the sex trade--and recently a very generous business owner came forward and offered to *sponsor* me and donate a set amount for every comment on the page. Hooray!So I'm asking you, in the spirit of Christmas and joy and sharing, to consider putting a Comment on my blog. It doesn't have to be profound; it just has to be there to count. If you want to bookmark it and comment every week, you get a gold star in my book. (I post once a week; the rest of the week I try to avoid Starbucks.)"

Click here to read Chanda's Story

Click here to visit Chanda's blog, Saving the World one Pumpkin Spice Latte at a Time

Click here to find out more about World Vision


Katie Zuniga said...

Are we suppose to comment here or on her blog?

Andee said...

On her blog. Thanks for asking, Katie!