Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I've narrowed the selection of Christmas pictures to 21 that I will blog about. I am indecisive, so I'll just make you suffer through them all. I'll break it up though, so you don't have to endure them all at once
.Lots of people put trains around their Christmas trees. We didn't want to be out of the loop, so we set up Geo Trax.

We celebrated on Christmas eve with my family at our house. We did "build your own" pizzas and had every topping imaginable. The kids got a little carried away with theirs, putting on all sorts of things they don't eat in real life like mushrooms and green peppers. Looks yummy though, doesn't it?

Patiently waiting...

Could this kid get any cuter?

We had Christmas day all to ourselves. We had blueberry pancakes and eggs for breakfast with grandma and grandpa before they took off. Then we opened presents...

Benton loves his "new" Diego set.
(I got an awesome deal from a Facebook friend on her kids' old stuff)
We had time for some guitar lessons before we headed to the Riverfront Carousel. They do free rides on Christmas day along with a food drive. We couldn't pass that up.
We rode about 800 times. Ben's favorite was the Zebra, Jazz.
Paul supervised from the waggon train. Nathaniel was happy on anything that moved.Christmas day was cool and clear, so once we finished at the carousel, we let the kids run around on the playground where they met some new friends and some new dogs. We went home for lunch and nice, long winter's naps. Then we went to Popey's for some fried chicken and stayed up past bedtime watching UP. What an awesome day!


Aly sun said...

Sounds perfect.

Sherri said...

Love all the pics!!! The carosel looks like tons of fun!

Cathy said...

Sounds like a great day!