Free Food

Far be it from me to keep a good deal to myself.

Tonight is date night and we usually try to do something fun as a family. We are generally low on cash in the "do something fun" category, as we like to "do something fun" often.
Well tonight, it's free food night, thanks to the taco places of the world wanting to offer a little tax relief.

Yeah. It's tax day. Send in your 1040s and reward yourself.

Join Club Carlos at Taco del Mar and get a FREE taco. One per person. Awesome!!

Become a fan of Baja Fresh on Facebook and get a coupon for a $2 burrito. Can you say salsa bar? Yum! Don't forget to bring in your "99 cent refills forever" cup for a meal that will cost only $2.99--and you get chips! (Did I mention the salsa bar? Pineapple pico de gallo)?

If you need a spot (or two) of coffee, take your own cup to Starbucks for a FREE brewed coffee. Then drink it real quick and take your travel mug on down to the next Starbucks for another. Or exercise moderation--if you're into that sort of thing.

If you're feeling in the mood for something a little more glamorous, McCormick and Schmicks has dinner and drink specials for $10.40 (get it? Like the tax form)? AND get a $10.40 "tax relief certificate" to use on your next visit.

See? Tax day isn't so bad after all :)


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Sherri said...

too bad I read that late! Actually I had heard about some of those, but missed all of them. How many did you actually do?