Noah and the Big Flood

What's a mom to do when her eldest wants to make a movie about Noah's Ark? Obviously, he must write a book first. I have no idea if you will be able to read it or not--handwriting and I have a passable relationship. The words are all Ben's. Except for the ones he stole from his favorite movie of all time, The Story of Noah.


Aly sun said...

I couldn't read the words, not because of clarity, but it was just a bit small. Amazing job, Benton! I'm impressed with the length of descriptions and the fantastic pictures. Maybe your first children's book will be a collaboration. :)

Meghan said...

We really want to read it. But it is to little. Christian wants to read it.

Sherri said...

We will read it when we see you again. unless he wants to sell copies and then of course we will have to buy one. Hope your shipping fees are less than Amazon's!