I'm four months old already?

Nat turned four months old on Saturday. He won't go in for his checkup for two more weeks, so his stats are unofficial. Last Tuesday, he weighed 14 pounds 10 ounces, and according to the very accurate Surf Time tummy mat, he's at 26 inches long. No matter how hard I try to convince him that his Surf Time tummy mat is fun, he lasts about thirty seconds before he melts down. No rolling over yet for this one. He is on baby Prylosec now for reflux, and it seems to be helping. It's hard to tell though because he's going through a growth spurt (waking up to eat in the middle of the night) and switching himself over to a four hour feeding schedule. Just when I thought I had him figured out... I'll post his official info and a comparison with his brother at this age after the Dr. appointment.

Read more on growing up at The Attic: What does it take, I wonder, to feel grown up. My great-grandma claimed to feel like she was sixteen into her seventies. Now when I was sixteen, I felt grown up. I knew everything; never questioned my own judgment, only that of the people in authority over me...

**And about an hour after I finished this post, guess who decided to roll over? Yup--he's a rolling machine (as long as it's back to front. He gets furious once on his tummy, though so far he won't roll back over).
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Tawny said...

You're cracking me up in multiple ways. Thanks for stopping by for the update today. I'm doing it for you ladies!!! I wondered why the haircut for Benton and then read your Attic blog. Gender issues?? You have to think about that stuff these days??

Jenni said...

What a doll, can I scoop him up with a spoon?

Carrie Jean (to be Peeples) Friesen said...

Hi!! It was SO fun to get your comment on my blog! You are the cutest family ;) And I'm so glad the little one is doing well! Funny to think of "how far" we've all come from the 'ol days ;)
How is your sister?