For some reason, October seems to fly by as fast as leaves fall off trees. I love the beautiful fall days we've been having and hope for more. Here is our month in review. 1--a visit with cousin Luke 2-3 a whole mess o' babies and their gear. Pictured left to right, Joey, Nathaniel, Karis and Keiton. 4--Benton on his birthday at Red Robin. 5--"I thought the food here was supposed to be yummy. I'm not impressed." 6--another mess o' babies. Pictured left to right, Nathaniel, Annika, and Josiah. 7-10 Playing at Bouman Farms. 11--Nathaniel discovering tissue paper. 12--Emma reminding us all that children are a gift from the Lord. 13-14--Playtime with the boys. 15--Sunday in church Nathaniel was a little sleepy. He loved our frind MacKinzie's fur trimmed hood. If it had been a blanket, he'd have fallen asleep for sure! 16--Grandma Lunde and Baby Nat.
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Tawny said...

Oh I was sure that the fur trimmed hood was a lion costume for Halloween and I was giggling at baby lion. Oh well--- next year!!! :)