How to achieve this look at home:
1. See to it that your infant is completely inconsolable from the hours of 1:30am-4am. Chili twice in a week is a good way to do this.
2. Take shower in attempt to drown out sound and relieve tension.
3. Decide tying your hair in knots to achieve the "beach curl" look seems like a good idea--it looked so cute in the magazine...
4. Shred every good window washing rag you have into strips and use them to tie your hair in knots.
5. Feed baby more chili infused breast milk and go to bed.
6. Arrange to be awakened at eight by a three year old shoving his foot into your neck.


Tawny said...

Hey, what nice beach curls you have!

Alicia said...

Very nice. My aunt used to do that to my cousins and me when we were little.

Alysun said...

I'd say you should lay off the chili

Solomon & Malachi said...

Totally worth it.

taylottownusa said...

Girl you have guts!

Anonymous said...

'Twas a late night in Salem
with doth I found myself
I tooketh out the gentle towels
from up upon my shelf
I wrapped each tendrel with a quivering hand.
I woke up in the morning
and realized I was with the band
My head did swirl
My hair did too
I couldn't believe
I created this doo
The blues the reds
they swirled together.
Is this what happens when you become a mether (insert scottish accent here)
The best part of this drearytale
is my friends laughter shall never FAIL!!!!
If you haven't a clue of who this might be
check out the big fat faces that you posted of me!