Holiday Updates

Our Christmas activities this year commenced with a baby shower for my newest second-cousin, Bryonia Shalom on Thursday.
Friday night we celebrated Christmas #1 at the Browns with Grammy and Grandad, my parents, the Peters, and (of course) the Browns. We exchanged gifts, and indulged in traditional holiday cheese fondue--yum!
Saturday was just my 30th birthday, so I didn't have high hopes. Well, my husband surprised me with a very elaborate party. It was a a lot of fun. I felt very loved, and didn't feel so bad turning old when that many people love me (or at least like me well enough to make an appearance). incidentally, I don't have any pictures of the event, so if you were there and have anything blackmail worthy, please send it my way.
Sunday was our church Christmas service, which I was just as excited for as the rest of the celebrations. A lot of people crowded into the gym at Turner Elementary to see our Christmas drama and have some treats. Right after church, we headed over to Paul's parent's 40th Anniversary party. They got married December 22nd 1967 and have been at it ever since. What an inspiration!
Christmas #2 was held with my family at our house. Jeff, AL and family were kind enough to make the trek into town so we didn't have to wait so late to get things started since Paul had to work. We thought we'd take it easy this year and "just" do appetizers and a couple of desserts. By the time I sampled the potato skins (homemade by me), mozzarella sticks, mini-meat loaves, little smokies, nutmeg logs, and chocolate covered brownies dusted with peppermint (just to name a few), we were all a little stuffed. The kids had fun opening their presents and were tired enough by the end of it that Emma practically put herself to bed.
Which brings us to Christmas day. I made a Maple Sausage Breakfast Casserole from America's Test Kitchen that was a fantastic (and fattening) start to our day. the rest of the day involved a little road trip in the snow, me napping, and Paul doing something with the kids. We watched the Nannie Diaries (very cute, though not exactly a Christmas movie) and went to bed. We have Christmas celebration #3 tomorrow night at our house with the Lundes. It's always a challenge stacking everyone into my tiny living room, but we love it, so we're looking forward to it.
PS I have also posted to the Attic, so stop by and get your assignment.

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