New Years is not my favorite holiday. Probably because I value my sleep a little too highly. But you have to celebrate, right? We've been ringing in the New Year with roughly the same crowd since the millennium began. This year our crowd consisted of ten couples and 16 kids under the age of 4. What in the world do you do until midnight with those kinds of numbers? Well, we got creative this year. We hired a couple of babysitters and turned them loose downstairs at the Rowles' home while the grownups munched on cheese fondue, exchanged white elephant gifts, and wrapped up the evening with chocolate fondue. We called it an East Coast New Year and wrapped it up at nine. We did get to watch the ball drop, of course it was last year's ball... Once we got things packed up and got home, it was already 11:30, so Paul and I decided to go ahead and stay up to watch the "real" ball drop. The moment it was over, we hit the hay--tossing and turning because of the young upstarts next door shooting off fireworks.
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Meghan said...

Wow you stayed up that late.