Caught in the Act

Hearing an uncharacteristic amount of rustling yesterday at the end of nap time, I peeked around the corner to see what was happening. Much to my shock and despair, right before my eyes, my baby sat himself up, pulled himself to his knees, and stood up as though he was a seasoned professional. I clapped, I hugged, I kissed, I cried.
This morning in church, I got to hold a sweet baby girl named Perri. She's about three weeks old, and I couldn't even remember Baby Nat being that much of a baby. He has three teeth (a fourth on the way), a dazzling smile, he's getting really heavy to hold, he's out grown his car seat, and now he can pull himself up.
I looked forward to every mile stone with Benton --and I still do. Can you believe he can actually sound out words now?!--but with the baby, I just dread every one. Each tooth, scoot and climb is one tooth, scoot and climb out of my arms and off to college. (Not that I'll have to deal with that since the college tuition calculator on the Oregon College Savings Plan web site tells me tuition for 4 years at a state college is going to run $307,490 in 2025).
I am so proud of my Baby Nat who can clap and wave and throw a fit that would impress a professional. I am delighted that I get to watch my baby and his big brother embark on the great adventure of growing up.
When Ben was a baby, I was in the grocery store and a woman stopped to peer adoringly at his sleeping face. "How old is he?" She asked. "Six weeks," I said. Tears filled her eyes and she said, "My baby just got his drivers license today." I know now why she was a little weepy. Having these two characters in my life, however long I get them, is the greatest gift a person could ask for. In fact, I think kids are on of those pressed down, shaken together and overflowing blessings beyond what you can ask or imagine.


SweetRowles said...

Looks like someone was paying attention in church this morning!
I agree... they (especially the last one) grow up WAY TOO fast!

Alysun said...

Sounds like you need another baby. Baby Nat is SO darn cute. I just want to kiss those cheeks.

Meghan said...

Baby Nat. Don't make your mommy cry. Don't you understand what you are putting her through. Stop Growing Up.