Up to no good

#1 Soren, Benton, Tucker and Madeline watching Dora the Explorer. It's educational, right? #2 Jr. Exibitionist. Nathaniel loves few things more than standing in front of the window--the nakeder the better. #3 The producers. #4 Benton after having stuck his head in the toilet. "But I didn't get my hands wet!" ARRRRRRGH! #5 Benton, Vance and Gavin puzzling over a Lightning McQueen puzzle. #6 Benton and Daddy watching Big, Big World. #7 Nathaniel enjoying his favorite activity. #8 Wood block box: $9.99. Chopsticks: free with takeout. Drum lessons from big brother: priceless. #9 Ben and Nat in their "church hair." We don't send them out in public looking like that--we just post it on the internet.
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