The Giraffe

All the excitement at the zoo led to this conversation between Paul and Benton at the park last night:
B: Can I scoop up some of this water?
P: What for?
B: For my giraffe. She's thirsty.
P: Sure! You can scoop up some of the water when your giraffe gets here.
B: But she's already here!
P: She is! Where?
B: Behind us!
P: What's her name?
B: Missy.
Paul attempted to shake Missy's hand--er. hoof. It was comical to watch. He tried. Benton explained the trouble.
B: She doesn't move good. She is not older than her brother.
P: Oh. I see. Who is her brother?
B: Jason.
They then walked Missy down to the water so she could reach down with her long neck to get a drink. I plopped down on a park bench and began writing furiously. There are some things so priceless, you can't afford to forget them!


Grandma Sherri said...

Forgot to tell you- Jason showed up while we were walking down to breakfast this morning, we had to wait for him and Nicoli-far* to catch up- I'd forgotton about Missy or I would have asked where she was.

(*the 'pony' he 'found' here several monthes ago)

Andee said...

Update on Missy--she stayed at Nika's house when we went over there to play in the sprinklers. Missy loves the sprinklers. I should probably warn Nika's mom she has a giraffe in her house somewhere.

Aly sun said...


You can take your shiny new laptop out in the sunshine and post some pictures of my darling nephews.