Sprinkler Fun

Our sprinkler wasn't working quite right a few weeks back, so when Paul was home on his lunch break, I asked him to see if he could fix it. "Sure. No Problem." Benon asked if he could help. "Sure." This is how he came out of the house.
It was not a warm day. About 65 degrees out. And cloudy.

Who cares? Fun is far more important than comfort. Or decency. At least he left his underwear on.

It is the front yard after all.

I had to drag him inside, teeth chattering, limbs turning shades of blue. FUN!
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Cathy said...

That looks oh, too familiar!

Aly sun said...

THanks for the update. I am glad to see that my wish is your command.

Yes, at least he left the underwear on.

Kari Wright said...

we can't find our thomas underwear...did Benton come here and take them?? At least NOW we know where to look...your front yard! hee hee