4th of July

This year's 4th of July Bash....Food

Fireworks (is it my imagination or did sparklers actually used to sparkle? Now it's more like, here kid. Hold a flaming stick!)
And the winners of our first annual family friendly destination geocaching event:
The Rowles and the Zunigas. Congratulations!


Kari Wright said...

they did used to sparkle...I promise! we decided on glow stick stuff from the dollar store this year, they don't know yet that sparklers exist...I may keep it that way, for awhile.

Andee said...

good idea. I don't think they were terribly impressed with their flaming sticks anyway.

Aly sun said...

I remember sparks actually hitting my arms and screaming, crying, and yes, there was actually some sparkle too. Safety -- so overrated and boring.