The following is Benton's first typing assignment. I showed him the keyboard and the backspace button, told him to type each letter one time, then do the numbers then write his name. Every once in a while I'd look over to see 13 Ds in a row or something, but he turned in a perfect paper! Incidentally, he doesn't like to write his letters because "they're not perfect." Any of you perfectionists out there have any advice? "Practice makes perfect" isn't doing the trick!



**and while we're not being perfect, I have had to edit this post like six times. A typo here, a misplaced comma there, the wrong there/their/they're, two words stuck together... Crazy.


Meghan said...

So neat. He is so bright. Yes smart and cheery most of the time.

Grandma Sherri said...

In this age of laptops, and even smaller devices let him learn keyboarding first and the dexterity for making his letters perfect will come later. My psche was forever marred by teachers who gave this poorly coordinated left hander bad marks for bad handwriting and I was doing my best! Its a good thing I wasn't a perfectionist myself or I would still be in therapy!

Aly sun said...

He'll soak it all in eventually. He is bright. He still needs to know how to write in hand writing though. Soon, you will be able to MAKE him practice.

I am just proud of you for sticking with school work! It is hard for me to find the time.