Here are some random shots of the boys and their friends.

#1 Nathaniel and Karalee trying on eachother's shoes#2 Benton and Soren running for the pool. Sorry it's so blurry. They don't hold still.
#3 Nathaniel and Keiton weren't exactly dressed for the occation, but managed to get in on the action anyway. Sorry it's just their heads. They don't hold still.
#4 Meghan supervising the big kids in the water at Silver Falls. L-R Christian, Meghan, Nika Soren and Benton

#5 Nika, Benton and Christian. Popcorn, cookies and Veggie Tales in your jammies. Life doesn't get much better, does it?

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Meghan said...

My butt looks big. I don't really see myself from the back often. Shocking.