... and of course there was stuff to play on too. The camp has something like 3 playgrounds and another one right across the street. Benton has been known to take Grandma on a "tour of slides." I belive there are five slides in all--not counting the "blue slides" across the street.

Nathaniel climbing up-all by himself.
And coming down.
One day they brought in these giant inflatable bouncy toys. This one is a giant guy whose belly you jump on. Nathaniel liked his nose.
Benton prefered his belly.


Kari Wright said...

I love the tour of slides!
Looks like they had tons of fun and I can ohh so relate to the not cleaning house part of the deal...isn't that what going to grandma's is all about?

Aly sun said...

POSTED BY ANDEE AT 4:39AM!! Goodness, girl, I love a blog update, but you should be sleeping. Your night was short, but the pictures are fun.