More Black Lake

While Paul tuned heads in Boston (more on that later), the boys and I visited Black Lake Bible Camp--home of Grandma and Grandpa Ewert. We all had a lot of fun. My favorite part was not having to clean my house :)
Benton pushing his brother around. This picture doesn't adequately show Nathaniel's smile, but he was loving the ride. (It wasn't so calm as when mom pushes, if you know what I mean).
At the lake. Just a sweet picture of a sweet boy. I'm pretty sure shot could use a little photoshopping, but I'll leave that to the expert
I guess we ran out of rocks on the shore, so we had to wade in to find more to throw in the water.
Nathaniel is a water baby. Don't even try taking him out.
Benton did his share of work around camp too. He helped Grandpa steer the tractor, helped Grandma pick up glitter (litter)...

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