Camping Trip

Over the weekend, we went camping with our Sunday night group. We were at Shultz Park near Dorena Lake in Cottage Grove. It was absolutely beautiful. The weather cooperated except for the drizzle we woke up to on the second morning. There is just something odd about trying to make food while dripping. The sun came out in the afternoon though and the travails of the morning were soon forgotten. Night time was another adventure entirely. The equation involves five families camping in tents with 4 one-year-olds and a 5 month old... I'm sorry. Did you say something? I couldn't hear you. Nathaniel's favorite part was the eating. Can you blame him?
The neighbor campers brought along some great big inflatable balls which our kids commandeered. Air filled plastic=hours of amusement.
Paul's favorite pastime these days in Geocaching. We did a good bit of it on the trip. This one led us to the top of the Dam at Dorena Lake. The bike ride was breathtaking (a mile or two straight up hill) as was the view.
Paul and Benton returning from another geocaching expedition, this one at the bottom of the dam.

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Cathy said...

I learned something new! Sounds like fun!