Still More Fairly Fun

Ben got to go on his very first fair ride. We have never done the ride thing, but the boy got it in his head that he wanted to go on a ride. I am an enormous pushover, so he talked me into it. We saved the ride until the very end of the day. I'll let him tell you about it. "I went on the race car ride. I was on the blue one and it had sparkles on it. I went around and around and I beeped the horn and went really fast!"
Of course we had to get ice cream from the Dairy Barn. At $2.50 a cone, it is by far the best deal at the fair. And since I am basically a selfish person, I got the boys their own cones so I wouldn't have to share. Great example, huh? They really get in to their ice cream.

Benton was very sad to leave.


Aly sun said...

Great pictures. You were more camera happy than usual (unless there are tons of pictures you are not sharing) and I enjoy the results here on the blog.

Cathy said...

These are great state fair pictures. We haven't been there in years...definitely need to go back...maybe next year.