More Fairly Fun

The petting zoo was our first stop. In his youth, Benton was pretty freaked out by all animals. Apparently he has gotten over that particular phobia.

Nathaniel loves animals in theory. While Benton would cling to his mother in his phobic days, Nathaniel just pretends he doesn't want anything to do with them. For the most part, he stood in the middle of the petting zoo and barked at the goats (woof woof is his default animal sound). He ran off when they got too close, but he did love looking at them.

Speaking of phobias, I set mine aside and accompanied the boys into the reptile tent. I am doing my best not to pass along my reptile fears, and for the most part, I did pretty good. I did have nightmares that night though. Benton's words as we went in, "I'll pretect you Mommy. Snakes just go 'sssssss.' That's all. You don't need to be afraid of them." Meanwhile, I took this picture with my eyes closed.

I didn't get a picture of the Burmese Python or the Gila Monster which were the favorites. Something about the word "venomous" on a glass box freaks me out a little. The turtles were pretty cool. Sort of felt like petting a rock.

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