Sick Day

We've been in Olympia all week, so the updates are behind. Here is a picture taken the day before Benton's birthday. I had a cold, Nathaniel had a cold, and Benton wasn't feeling good. He didn't eat all day. The boys and I rotated our crash location from the floor in the boys room to the couch in the living room, to the bed in our room. We piled up blankets and books and Gatoraide and Keleenex and and did nothing all day. It was awesome.
Paul got home from work and decided we needed to get out of the house. We ran a few errands, and the last one took us to CostCo. Benton got out of the van and puked in the parking lot--4 times. Luckily he had nothing in his stomach but juice and water. And he confined himself to the parking lot. And it was raining, so it all got washed away pretty quick. He seemed to feel much better after that and was very excited to get to sleep with a bucket.


Cathy said...

Sorry to hear that you were all sick. What a sweet picture of the three of you though.

Meghan said...

Everyone looks so pathetic.